eSuite4X 2.5 – MySQL4 Edition

eSuite4X 2.5 – MySQL4 Edition is the easiest and fastest way to start with
MySQL on Mac OS X. The eSuite4X distribution combines the power of open
source products with first class commercial software to bring you a truly
Macintosh-like user experience:

* Easily install MySQL 4 in less than 5 minutes

* Start/stop and configure MySQL with the included eSuite4X System
Preferences pane

* Easily view log and configuration files with the integrated Log &
Config File Manager

* Graphically manage users, databases, tables, indexes, server status,
create queries, import and export data etc. with the integrated
SQL4X Manager J

Download the trial now at and
see for yourself how easy it is to install and run a fully featured MySQL
database server on Mac OS X.

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Thomas K. Fischer
InterServices New Media
MACOSGURU dbSuite Team