The Omni Group today released OmniWeb 4.2

Seattle, WA — April 9, 2003 — The Omni Group today released OmniWeb
4.2, an update to the web browser built exclusively for Mac OS X, and
announced development on OmniWeb 4.5 – the first version of OmniWeb to
incorporate the open source WebCore framework from Apple.

OmniWeb 4.2 adds a number of features intended to improve user
experience and bring greater compatibility with web servers and
Internet plug-ins.

OmniWeb 4.2 now supports the Macromedia Shockwave for Director plug-in
and the PDF Browser plug-in from Schubert-it. New preferences allow
you to better manage Internet and OmniWeb plug-ins and allow greater
control over the process of downloading files. AppleScript support has
been greatly improved including the addition of access to bookmarks
through AppleScript commands. Support for ICC (ColorSync) profiles
that are embedded in some images on the web has been added ensuring
that users will see consistent colors when OmniWeb displays images with
color profiles present. A new ‘Send Link’ function makes it easier to
share the address of a web page over email and a new ‘Zoomed Text
Editor’ lets you input large amounts of text into forms more easily.
Support for the Shared Menus protocol has been added allowing other
popular Internet applications such as URL Manager Pro to integrate with
OmniWeb. OmniWeb 4.2 also features a number of updates and additions
to OmniWeb’s online help content.

The Omni Group today also announced that development of OmniWeb 4.5 is
under way. OmniWeb 4.5 will be the first version of OmniWeb to
incorporate the open source WebCore and JavaScriptCore frameworks from
Apple Computer Inc., bringing greatly improved support for the latest
Internet standards like CSS, HTML, XHTML, and JavaScript to the
award-winning browser.

OmniWeb 4.5 – which will have the functionality previously referred to
as being in 5.0 – will be available later this quarter and will be a
free upgrade for OmniWeb 4.x license holders. The Omni Group is making
early versions of OmniWeb 4.5 available through the Sneaky Peek preview
program. Current OmniWeb 4.x license holders interested in testing and
providing feedback on the application can download the first Sneaky
Peek release, OmniWeb 4.5sp1, today from
OmniWeb 4.5sp1 will only run in licensed mode and a demo is not