Braddock Street Software Releases Install Factory v3.1.4
– If they couldn’t pirate your software, how many copies would you sell?

ATLANTA, GA –April 9, 2003 – Braddock Street Software announces the
release of Install Factory v3.14, the complete anti-piracy toolkit for
Windows and Macintosh software developers. Install Factory prevents users
from distributing unauthorized copies of your installer and prevents users
from distributing copies of your installed software.

Install Factory combines ease of use with incredible sophistication. In
it’s simplest form you can drag-and-drop your entire software project into
Install Factory and produce a double-clickable installer for Windows or
Macintosh operating systems, including Mac OSX. )From these humble
beginnings you can easily replace the default graphics and text, add ReadMe
and EULA screens, create complex conditional logic and add anti-piracy
security to your installer and to your developed software.

Install Factory’s Lock Point plug-ins and libraries ensure your software
only works on the hard drive it was originally installed on. Lock Point
integrates with most popular development environments like Visual C++,
CodeWarrior, FileMaker and REALbasic. Integration Kits are also available
for Visual Basic, 4th Dimension and Macromedia Director, too.

The most stable release yet, v3.1.4 provides interface enhancements to make
creating installers easier in addition to addressing some minor cosmetic

New features include the ability to duplicate Actions without retyping
their contents and =CEdaisy-chaining=E2 Find Actions within an installer. Ma=
installers now refer to files by Alias rather than hard path. Installers
created with an unregistered (demo) copy of Install Factory have the
following limitations: If Product Keys are required, the built installer
will only run on the same computer used to build the installer. If no
Product Keys are required, the built installer will only run for 24 hours.

With Install Factory and Lock Point you can do almost anything the ‘big
boys’ can and one very important thing they can not: You can prevent
software piracy.

System Requirements and Ordering Information

Install Factory is compatible with Windows 98 or newer and Macintosh OS 9
or newer operating systems, including Mac OS X 10.2.

Several pricing options are available starting at $179.95. For purchasing
or a free try-before-you-buy copy of Install Factory, visit their web site