Diff’nPatch for OS9 and OSX Release Announcement

Paris, 2003-04-09 08:34:11

I’m pleased to announce the availability of Diff’nPatch 1.2, a freeware
application implementing the diff and patch Unix utilities with a nice
graphic user interface. It is a Carbon application which can run on both
OS9 and OSX.

Diff’nPatch has the following capacities:
– it lets you compare files with any kind of line endings (mac, unix or

– it lets you collate two files. They are displayed in two adjacent
windows (horizontally or vertically); you can easily browse from one
diff to the other using a slider or the navigation keys of your
keyboard, apply a diff from one file to the other, apply all the diffs
at a time etc.

– it generates diff output in the classical formats (normal, context,
undiff, side-by-side, if-then-else, brief)

– it lets you compare folders

– it has a wealth of options

– it lets you apply a patch file: if your patch file contains the diffs
between fileA and fileB, when you apply it to fileA it reconstitutes

– it lets you compare files (binary or text files) byte by byte

– it is entirely scriptable with AppleScript

– various parameters can be customized via preferences

The package is dowloadable as a Stuffit compressed archive from my web

Web page:


This is free software released with a GPL like license.

The application is bundled so you have only one file to install,
anywhere on your system. The core capacities (diff, patch, byte-by-byte
comparison) are implemented by the means of BackgroundOnly applications
which are contained in the bundle: these BOA engines are scriptable and
can also be used independently from any other application, using
AppleScript or AppleEvents.
Help is included in the bundle as well: it is accessible via Apple’s
Help menu.

Please report comments, bugs etc. to (bdesgraupes@easyconnect.fr)

Bernard Desgraupes