Tuesday, April 8th 2003.

James Sentman is happy to announce the first release of Image in a Hurry, a
fast image browser and export utility for iPhoto.

Image in a Hurry can open even the largest iPhoto databases in only
seconds, allowing you to browse thumbnails and select images for export,
resizing and re-compressing. In most cases you can perform all the
selection and setup without even picking up the mouse.

Need to dash out some email sized photos to send to Grandma? Need to export
an album for including in a presentation or other application? Or do you
just have 15,000 images in your iPhoto database?

If you don’t need to use iPhoto’s advanced picture editing or
organizational tools and just need to get your photos out quick, then Image
in a Hurry is what you’ve been waiting for.

Image in a Hurry is $12 USD Shareware and can be downloaded today from:


Image in a Hurry is not limited in any way prior to registration, but after
a while will start to politely remind you to please support shareware for
the Mac and register.