The Wall Street Journal’s Walt Mossberg takes a look at Apple’s new 17-inch PowerBook in his latest Personal Tech column. “I am typing these words on Apple’s latest PowerBook, the first laptop with a huge, 17-inch, widescreen display,” writes Mossberg. “This rectangular, high-resolution screen is simply breathtaking — vivid, sharp and oh, so roomy. It’s big enough to comfortably display two Word documents, or two Web pages or e-mail messages, side by side. And DVDs look fabulous on it.” However, Mossberg also says that “a laptop of this shape and size isn’t for everybody. It certainly isn’t as mobile as many smaller, squarer portable PCs. And, at $3,299, the 17-inch PowerBook is really aimed at Apple’s loyal cadre of so-called pro users — graphic designers, video producers and others willing to pay for the roomy screen, and for an array of other powerful and clever features.”