BuckoMail Succeeds Where Email Fails

— New productivity features make this online postal service
a viable alternative to email —

Greenville, TX March 19, 2003 — TWOA Data Services, a developer of web and
database solutions for Macintosh and Windows, announced today that it has
relaunched it’s BuckoMail postal service with a host of productivity
features aimed at individuals and small businesses.

“Email is fast but it doesn’t always get the job done,” comments Scott
Henderson, president of TWOA. “After all, the whole point of correspondence
is to make an impact… to get noticed. That’s where BuckoMail comes in. We
take the convenience of email and combine it with the power of a
professionally formatted presentation. Then, seal it with a real 1st Class
postage stamp. It works, you’ll get noticed.”

What is BuckoMail (

BuckoMail is a web-based interface for typing letters. Upon submission, the
letter is logged, printed, folded, inserted, sealed with a real 1st Class
postage stamp and mailed within one (1) business day. Professional
formatting along with high-quality papers and solid inks provides a
distinguished presentation.

What’s New With BuckoMail

TWOA has divided the new features into two (2) categories: standard and

New Standard Features

Users are now able to select from a list of ‘Theme Stationery’. The initial
offering includes: Happy Birthday, Thank You, Shamrock and a US-Remembrance
Flag. The user can view samples online and even ‘Preview’ their own letter
on the stationery.

TWOA will donate 10% of the $0.29 useage fee to specific charities, each
time a Theme Stationery is ordered.

Subscription-based Features

Subscribers may ‘Save’ addresses and letters online. A ‘Merge’ feature
allows merging stored addresses. Stored addresses may be edited at any
time, while stored letters may be modified at the time of use.

Subscribers may obtain their own set of ‘Private Stationery’ and may sign
their letters with a stored ‘Private Signature’. Users may designate a
Charity during the ordering process and may share their Stationery with as
many folks as desired, by distributing a unique ID / Password for each set
of Stationery. TWOA will track useage and donate 10% of the $0.29 useage
fee to that charity. Stationery passwords may be regenerated online, at any


Standard costs: $1.00 for a 2-page letter
Theme Stationery: $0.29 per use

Mr. Bucko Subscriptions

Level 1: $3.84/mo. (store up to 50 addresses & 5 letters)
Level 2: $6.32/mo. (store up to 100 addresses & 10 letters)
Level 3: $9.78/mo. (store up to 200 addresses & 25 letters)

Private Stationery: $49 setup fee (first setup is Free) + $0.29 useage fee
Private Signature: Free setup with no useage fee


All features are available now.
URLs include:

TWOA Data Services has been developing web-based and custom database
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