Bridges the Gap Between GUI Prototyping with
REALbasic and PowerPlant Development Environments

Somerville, MA (March 26, 2003) – Solidwave Software, Inc. today announced
it is shipping RADicode 1.1, the latest version of its rapid application
development tool for Macintosh programmers.

RADicode streamlines the process of writing, debugging, and testing GUI
code by automatically generating stable source code. It allows programmers
to prototype and test application interfaces with REALbasic=AE from REAL
Software, Inc., then move them directly into PowerPlant=AE from Metrowerks,
Inc. It facilitates closer collaboration among development teams,
designers, and end-users to create compelling applications in record time.

“Our customer base claims that RADicode literally shaves months off their
development schedules,: states Brad McKesson, Solidwave Software president
and founder. “Customers tell us that RADicode is easier than the Project
Builder/Interface Builder/Cocoa combo, which can only be used to develop
Mac OS X applications. Now they can develop both Classic and OS X
applications to target a wider market for their products. Programmers are
discovering that the RADicode/REALbasic/PowerPlant environment helps them
be more productive.”

To use RADicode, programmers build an interface with REALbasic easily and
quickly, then drag and drop the REALbasic project files on the RADicode
icon. This generates CodeWarrior PowerPlant source code. The code can then
be customized in PowerPlant for additional functionality.

RADicode 1.1 supports Mach-O PowerPlant targets and REALbasic 4.5 and 5.0.
It can generate Mac OS X and Classic icons and multiple document types from
REALbasic. CodeWarrior stationeries are provided to facilitate project
configuration. The product is available directly from Solidwave Software at ( and retails for
$149.00 US.

About SolidWave Software

Founded in 1994, Solidwave Software specializes in supplying products and
services that enhance application development efficiency. RADicode, the
Somerville, Massachusetts company’s flagship product, was launched in July
2002. The firm’s principal, Brad McKesson, holds a B.S. in Electrical
Engineering and Computer Science from MIT and brings more than 12 years of
software development experience. For more information and a free RADicode
demo, visit or contact