Apple showed off its recently introduced Xserve cluster configuration at this week’s Bio-IT World Conference & Expo in Boston. MacCentral reports on a technology showcase that was led by Doug Brooks, Apple’s product manager of server hardware, who discussed the Xserve. Following Brooks’ presentation, Dr. William Van Etten of The BioTeam gave a presentation entitled Scalable Informatics for the Scientist. “The BioTeam ported Sun’s GridEngine — an open source distributed resource management application — to Mac OS X, and deployed it with Platform Computing’s Platform LSF, a distributed computing workload management system. The BioTeam also modified PISE — a toolkit developed by the Pasteur Institute’s Catherine Letondal, which provides a Web interface for molecular biology programs — to work with the Xserve cluster. The resulting distributed computing system has been deployed on a 10-CPU 5-node Xserve cluster at Texas A&M.”