BusyMac (www.busymac.com) has introduced BusyContacts for Mac OS X (10.9 or higher). The app brings to contact management the same power, flexibility, and sharing capabilities that BusyCal users have enjoyed with their calendars.

What’s more, BusyContacts integrates with BusyCal. Features include:

° Customizable views — you can view contacts in a single-column Card View or multi-column List View;

° Tags that can be used for grouping, filtering and coloring contacts;

° Smart Filters for filtering contacts, creating saved searches, and even applying custom view settings in the List View;

° An Activity List that displays activities associated with the selected contact including calendar events, emails, messages, and recent social network posts;

° Syncing with Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, combining contact information from each of these sources into a unified contact view;

° Syncing with the built-in Contacts app on OS X and iOS through cloud services including iCloud, Google, Exchange, and other CardDAV servers;

° Sharing address books with read-only or read/write privileges through Exchange, Fruux, LAN, and other CardDAV servers.

BusyContacts is available today from BusyMac and will be available on the Mac App Store soon. It costs US$49.99. BusyCal customers can sidegrade to BusyContacts for $29.99. BusyCal and BusyContacts can be purchased together for $79.98.