Constrictor 2.3 released by Stick Software

New release of versatile screen snapshot utility

Redwood City, CA, March 21, 2003 – Constrictor 2.3, a new version of Stick
Software’s full-featured screen snapshot utility, was released today.
Constrictor makes the more complex screenshots easy. It lets you position
a frame and then snap the area inside, applying border effects and saving
in a variety of formats. It’s even scriptable!

Version 2.3 of Constrictor fixes several bugs in the previous version, and
adds a new icon courtesy of David Stapleton.

Constrictor is shareware, with a price of $10, but is free to try, and like
all Stick Software products, does not use registration codes or annoying
timed delays to encourage registration. (Constrictor’s home
page) (Direct download URL)

About Stick Software

Stick Software is a developer of top-quality shareware, freeware and
open-source products for Mac OS X. Our slogan is “Anti-Productivity Tools
for the Discerning User”. We want to make computers fun, friendly, easy
and aesthetic. Our software will probably never help you balance your
checkbook, do your taxes, schedule meetings, or write the Great American
Novel. But it will brighten your day – or so we hope.

As for the “discerning user” part, well, that’s up to you. But our hope is
that you will recognize that Stick Software is kind of a special company.
Unlike so many other companies, we place our trust in you to be honest and
pay for our software. And that makes your life easier. No cryptic 22-digit
license keys, no issues with proof of registration, no partially functional
software prior to registration.

We’re different because of our quality, too. Shareware and freeware often
have the reputation (sometimes deserved) for being flaky, buggy, and
ill-maintained. Stick Software tries to buck that image. We stand behind
our software’s quality 100%. We don’t release software with any (repeat,
any) known bugs. Wouldn’t it be nice if other software houses had this
policy too? Imagine, bug-free software…. And more: if we release a bug
fix, or even a feature upgrade, we wouldn’t dream of making you pay more
money to get it. Once a registered user, always a registered user. (What a

We’re here for you, the discerning user. If you find bugs, or want features
added, let us know. If you have ideas for great new products that fit in
with our philosophy, drop us a line. And if you appreciate the software
we’ve already made, or the philosophy behind it, please send in your

For more information, visit
Stick Software can be reached at