O’Reilly has announced the release of “Mac OS X Hacks” (US$24.95), authored by Rael Dornfest and Kevin Hemenway. The book “reflects the real-world knowledge of those well steeped in Unix history and expertise. The authors share no-nonsense, sometimes quick-and-dirty solutions to administering and running of a Unix machine: Web, Mail, and FTP serving, security services, SSH, Perl and shell scripting, compiling, configuring, scheduling, and general all-purpose hacking. Add to this the knowledge of die-hard Macintosh users, customizing and modifying their hardware and software to meet their needs: System Preferences, GUI mods and tweaks, hardware tips, vital shareware and freeware, AppleScript, AppleTalk and equivalents, keyboard modifiers, and basic Macintosh-style fun.”