Terra Soft Launches YDL.net Enhanced

Loveland, Colorado — 19 March 2003 — Terra Soft Solutions, Inc., the
leading developer of integrated PowerPC Linux Solutions, today announced
the immediate availability of YDL.Net Enhanced, an extension to the Yellow
Dog Linux online community.

In December 2002, Terra Soft created YDL.net, a lifetime email account with
web-based and client-side access, on-screen support for 27 languages,
custom folder and address management, and spell-checking.

Now, for just $5 per month, YDL.Net Enhanced members receive:
– personal webspace at members.ydl.net
– FTP access to 10MB storage
– immediate, direct access to Yellow Dog Linux ISOs
– ongoing, direct access to Yellow Dog Linux errata

Yellow Dog Linux 3.0, also announced today, is immediately available from
the private YDL.net Enhanced server (3 Install ISOs, 3 source ISOs) with
shipping product slated for the week of April 16.

In order to substantiate ongoing PowerPC Linux community involvement, Terra
Soft will grant YDL.net Enhanced accounts to key community developers, open
source and commercial software developers, and hardware OEMs.

For more information visit http://www.ydl.net/

About Terra Soft Solutions, Inc.
Terra Soft is a leading developer of integrated solutions for PowerPC and
Apple OEM VAR. Yellow Dog Linux, the flagship product, has boosted
viability of Linux on PowerPC microprocessors with support desktop,
embedded, and HPC systems. Black Lab is an advanced, scalable HPC cluster
build and management suite.

For more information, visit www.terrasoftsolutions.com