4D, Inc. Ships 4th Dimension 2003 Now with Complete Integrated Web Services

— Revolutionary New Version of 4th Dimension Ships with Comprehensive
Integrated XML, SOAP & WSDL Support and Easy Web Services Set-up Wizards —

SAN JOSE, Calif., March 17, 2003 – 4D, Inc., publishers of the 4th
Dimension RAD/RDBMS environment and 4D WebSTAR Server Suite, today
announced it is shipping 4th Dimension 2003, with comprehensive support for
integrated Web Services, including XML, SOAP and WSDL, plus easy-to-use Web
Services Set-up Wizard, and much more.

Expanding the ability to integrate applications and further scale, this
much-anticipated release also provides radically enhanced developer
programming features such as a new method editor and an integrated
compiler, new printing and new reporting features. 4th Dimension 2003 is
available today directly from (http://www.4D.com/).

“Truly groundbreaking, 4th Dimension 2003 amplifies the application
integration capabilities through complete standards-based Web Services
support and easy set-up wizards,” said Brendan Coveney, president and CEO
of 4D, Inc. “With comprehensive XML, SOAP and WSDL support for both client
and server side Web Services, 4D requires virtually no re-coding from the
developer. Whether you’re an end-user aiming to streamline business
processes while saving costs, or a developer seeking greater productivity
and more versatility, 4th Dimension 2003 will meet your needs with power
and efficiency.”

Web Services, New Reporting Engine and More Building on 4D’s commitment to
technology standards, 4th Dimension 2003 tightly integrates support for
SOAP, XML and WSDL. New, advanced Web Services server and client support
provide scalable, flexible development capabilities, with
developer-friendly wizards that create all the underlying code necessary to
call Web Services. XML import/export and programmatic XML parsing are also
now available from directly inside 4th Dimension 2003.

A revolutionary addition to the 4th Dimension family of integrated RDBMS
and Rapid Application Development tools, 4th Dimension 2003 has several
end-user features that complement the major new features for developers. A
new reporting engine with an enhanced Quick Report Editor for versatile,
comprehensive reports, including cross-tab and list reports, makes
customized report generation very easy for end-users. Direct output to HTML
and XML formats enable 4th Dimension 2003 to receive and send reports via
the Web and Web Services with new options.

For developers, the new Method Editor dramatically improves productivity,
new printing features allow for further printing customization, and an
integrated compiler provides the ability to compile code at least 50%

Pricing and Availability
4th Dimension 2003 is available directly from the 4D, Inc. Web site
(http://www.4D.com/) or by calling a 4D sales representative at
1.800.785.3303. A complete pricing list, including upgrades, can be found
at (http://www.4D.com/2003/).

For further information on 4th Dimension 2003 see (http://www.4D.com/2003/).

About 4D, Inc.
Located in San Jose, California, 4D, Inc. is the U.S. distributor of 4th
Dimension (4D), 4D Business Kit, and 4D WebSTAR Server Suite. 4D is an
award-winning, tightly integrated suite of Windows and Mac OS, Web-embedded
development tools for business solutions. 4D Business Kit is a complete,
multi-language, multi-store e-commerce development tool, designed for rapid
development of storefront solutions. 4D WebSTAR Server Suite V is a fast,
secure and extensible server suite for Mac OS X, best known for easy
administration. 4D, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of 4D SA. Further
information can be found at (http://www.4D.com/).