SyBrowser 5.0 Released. RDBMS for MacOS X, MacOS and Win32

SyBrowser. Macintosh, MacOS X,9,8 and Win32 applications that can
browse Sybase, Oracle, PostgreSQL and MS SQL databases hosted on
UNIX, Linux, and Windows servers.

SyBrowser v5.0 features enhanced Sybase support, including Entity
Relationship Diagramme and stored procedure modules!

SyBrowser Overview

SyBrowser is a suite of 32-bit Macintosh, MacOS X and Win32 ODBC and
native client applications that provide an overview of the tables in
Sybase, Oracle, PostgreSQL and MS SQL databases hosted on UNIX,
Linux, and Windows servers. It allows the execution of SQL queries
against these RDBMS and the query results can be saved to disk.
Complex queries can be saved to disk for reuse.

Other New SyBrowser v5.0 features include:

– Sybase native connections are now supported under MacOS 8.6 and greater.
– Added Entity Relationship Diagramme panel for registered Sybase users.
– Sybase users can now view information about indexes.
– Sybase Only: Suspect indexes are highlighted.
– Sybase stored procedures can be copied to the clipboard.
– “Open Recent” menu added. Shows a dynamic list of previously opened files.
– “Window” menu added. Shows a dynamic list of currently open Document windows.
– Fields table now shows primary keys.
– Entity Relationship objects can be formatted via the menus from the
SQL and ERD panels.
– Entity Relationship objects can be dragged around inside the window
by their header.
– Entity Relationship objects can be resized by clicking in the lower
right hand corner.
– Entity Relationship objects can be hidden and coloured.
– Entity object details are saved between programme invocations.
– SyBrowser now saves documents in a new XML format
– Type ahead implemented for most listboxes, including Table and
Fields listboxes.
– ERD panel does not yet scroll the ERD objects.
– Relationships can be added, removed and edited from the ERD panel
when two tables are selected. Auto-generation of relationships is not
yet enabled.
– Relationships can be dragged.
– Very basic printing is now enabled.
– Sybase users can now view the text of stored procedures. Editing is
not yet enabled.
– The SQL statement code is now syntax coloured by a slightly faster module.
– Different syntax colours are now displayed for SQL words. eg’
Rollback’ is red whereas ‘Begin’ is blue).
– Small Sybase stored procedures are syntax coloured (via an
different experimental syntax colouring module).
– Results window now displays more processing information during
threaded queries. Under MacOS X queries are quite fast when threaded.
– Double clicking the columns window inserts the column name (as
before) but now leaves the keyboard focus in the SQLstatement
– MySQL plugin changed to REALsoftware’s version.
– Message dialog now displays the SyBrowser icon (New HIG)
– “Log” window and menu added. can be used to see the internal debug
messages. Includes a copy to clipboard feature.
– Document windows (with unsaved changes) now show a red dot in the
close button under Carbon.
– The Save dialog is now a sheet under OS X.
– All listboxes can be sorted ascending or descending by clicking the
column header.
– Under Carbon, the SQL statement is now System font size 12, not
Monaco, 10. My eyes are getting older…
– The Admin listbox now shows column headers
– The mouse cursor changes to reflects the state of the drag options
for ERD objects very subtlety.
– Some ERD objects leave a trail that is removed after dragging. A
cosmetic bug I will try and remove in the future.
– Re-worked the “Prefs” panel .
– Added syntax colour switch on “Prefs” Panel.
– The Admin listbox can now be sorted ascending/descending by
clicking the column headers
– Price increased to $89
– Unregistered users now limited to 25 rows of returned data.
– Unregistered users now do not have access to most features.
– New menu added. “Info”. Menu Item “Table…” displays table
information. Menu Item “Columns…” displays column information.
– Sybase table information includes: Visibility and colour in ERD panel.
– Sybase column information includes: Type, length, remarks, count,
nullable etc.

$89 Shareware from MacSOS, Australia


Dr Gerard Hammond
Bioinformatic Analyst
Garvan Institute of Medical Research, Sydney, Australia.