Extensis Announces Updates to Suitcase Server and Suitcase for Windows

Free updates offer additional access control for Server users

Portland, Ore. – March 11, 2003 – Extensis today announced two free updates
to the Suitcase Server product line, extending the capabilities of its
workgroup font management solution. Suitcase 10.2.1 for Macintosh offers
server administrators additional control for their workgroup users,
including individual font license management. Additionally, a free update
to the Windows version of Suitcase, available in April 2003, will allow
users to administer Suitcase Server from a Windows PC.

The new Suitcase Server allows administrators to control local font access
on a per-user basis, manage font licenses, be alerted of potential license
problems, and even administer fonts remotely. These controls can be used to
prevent users from adding their own fonts to Suitcase, stopping unlicensed
fonts from entering a workflow, and enabling the administrator to monitor
fonts in the System Font Folders.

“Key frustrations with font management are license control and access to
the right font sets – especially when working between different operating
systems,” said Michael Wong, product manager, Extensis. “With the new
Suitcase Server and Suitcase for Windows, Extensis extends the oversight
capabilities of workgroup administrators and diminishes the compatibility
and licensing issues that surface when working with fonts.”

The updated Windows version of Suitcase will allow Windows clients to
connect to the recently updated Suitcase Server. Additionally, it provides
the same administration tools that were previously only available to
Macintosh users of Suitcase. The updated Windows version also adds
scripting support, enabling users to integrate Suitcase into their specific

The Suitcase for Windows client (version 9.2) will be a free upgrade for
registered Suitcase 9 for Windows users and will be available through the
Extensis website. The free update will be available in April 2003. Free
updates to Suitcase 10.2.1 are available immediately to registered users of
Suitcase 10 from the Extensis website at http://www.extensis.com/suitcase.

About Suitcase
Extensis Suitcase is the best way to manage fonts. Packed with automated
features that help preview, organize and activate fonts, Suitcase makes it
easy to find the right font fast. Activate only the fonts needed, preview
fonts in several different ways, collect fonts for output, and create
sample pages-Suitcase does it all. For additional information on Extensis
Suitcase, visit: http://www.extensis.com/suitcase.

Pricing and Availability
The English version of the new Suitcase for Windows client (version 9.2)
will be a free upgrade for registered Suitcase for Windows 9 users. In
April 2003, new users will be able to purchase Suitcase 9.2 for Windows for
a limited time at a suggested retail price of $49.95US.

Suitcase Server is available for a suggested retail price of $999.95US and
includes five free copies of Suitcase 10.2. Upgrades from previous versions
of Suitcase Server are available for a suggested retail price of $499.95US.

French and German language product versions of Suitcase Server will be
available later this year.

System Requirements
Suitcase 10.2.1 supports Macintosh Operating System 9.2.2 and Mac OS X (v
10.1.5 or higher) and requires a Macintosh PowerPC or equivalent, 45 MB of
hard disk space and 32 MB RAM for Mac OS 9 and 128 MB RAM for Mac OS X.

Suitcase Server supports Mac OS X (v 10.1.5 or higher), Mac OS X Server (v
10.1.5 or higher) and requires a Macintosh PowerPC or equivalent, 10 MB of
hard disk space and 128 MB RAM, and additional hard disk space to store
fonts. Suitcase Server also supports Windows 2000 Professional, Windows
2000 Server, Windows XP Professional, and requires a Pentium II or higher,
128 MB RAM, 10 MB of available hard disk space and additional hard disk
space to store fonts.

About Extensis, Inc.
Extensis is a leading publisher of software and tools that extend the
capabilities of creative professionals. Extensis’ award winning and
industry standard products include: Suitcase for font management, Portfolio
for asset management, PrintReady for pre-printing document error-checking,
plug-in enhancements for Photoshop (Mask Pro, Intellihance, PhotoTools,
PhotoFrame), and productivity enhancements for QuarkXPress (QX-Tools,
QX-Effects, BeyondPress) Extensis was founded in 1993, by creative
professionals for creative professionals, and is based in Portland, Oregon
and the United Kingdom. Extensis is a wholly owned subsidiary of Celartem
Technology USA Inc., which is wholly-owned by Celartem Technology Inc.,
(Hercules: 4330). For additional information please visit our website at
http://www.extensis.com or call 1-800-796-9798.

About Celartem
Celartem Technology Inc. was established in 1996 to conduct research and
development into storage and distribution technologies for digital images.
It has developed, and sells VFZ technology, which allows digital images to
be stored and distributed without any loss in resolution; and the Protected
Archive Distribution Server that allows digital images to be distributed
over networks in a secure manner at original resolution. On December 11,
2001, Celartem was listed on the Osaka Securities Exchange, Hercules Market
(Hercules:4330). Please visit http://www.celartem.com for more information.