Chartsmith v1.2 Now Shipping

Chartsmith Adds Keynote Integration, Enhances Error Bars, Trends, and
AppleScript Features

Reston, Virginia – March 10, 2003 – Blacksmith, developers of
enterprise-class custom and commercial software for Mac OS X and Web
Objects, today announced the immediate availability of Chartsmith v1.2.
This release of the popular charting and graphing application for Mac OS X
provides enhancements for Business, Scientific, and AppleScript-built
charts and graphs. Chartsmith v1.2 includes support for Apple’s Keynote
presentations, major enhancements to Error Bars, Trend Line equation
annotations, and an expanded AppleScript interface.

“Chartsmith v1.2 continues Blacksmith’s tradition for giving users what
they want, the way they want it,” said Tony Rennier, President and CEO of
Blacksmith. “With each new release we gain better insight to our users and
their needs. User feedback for Chartsmith has been overwhelmingly positive.
The rich interaction between our users and our product team has been the
most important factor in our success.”

Chartsmith v1.2 includes integrated support for Apple’s Keynote
presentations. Charts in a Chartsmith document can be exported to a Keynote
presentation. Of course users also have the option of dragging individual
charts and graphs from Chartsmith directly into Keynote, Powerpoint, or
into other applications that accept dragged images. The list of
applications supporting this paradigm includes Microsoft’s Word and Apple’s
Mail application.

Microsoft Excel users who use Chartsmith v1.2 to create graphs from data
stored in Excel spreadsheets now enjoy support for importing data via Named
Ranges. This feature enhances an already rich set of import features that
enable a user to import data from Excel spreadsheets and text files stored
on the user’s computer or network.

AppleScript users will also find something new in Chartsmith v1.2. An
expanded AppleScript dictionary now supports real-time control of axis and
chart titles. Chartsmith’s AppleScript interface provides users and
developers everything they need to fully automate graph production under
Mac OS X.

Some of the most significant enhancements included in Chartsmith v1.2 come
in its support of scientific graphing. New features like trend line
equation annotations, and significant improvements to Chartsmith error bars
are among the many enhancements in this release. Chartsmith v1.2 adds
variable error bars to its standard set of error bar types. Variable error
bars allow users to provide error values for each data point in a series.
In addition, dual XY, and asymmetrical error bars are also now supported.
Asymmetrical error bars allow users to specify different types and values
for the positive and negative error bars associated with each data point in
a series.

Download a free demonstration copy of Chartsmith v1.2 at Fully enabled copies of Chartsmith are priced at
$129US. Educational discounts are provided for faculty at $99US and
students at $69US. Chartsmith v1.2 is provided as a free upgrade from
Chartsmith v1.0 and Chartsmith v1.1.

Blacksmith Technologies delivers enterprise-class, commercial software and
custom development services for Mac OS X and WebObjects. Blacksmith’s first
software product for Mac OS X is Chartsmith. Now in its third major
release, Chartsmith represents the first of many commercial software
products that Blacksmith plans for the Mac OS X and Web Object markets. In
addition to developing a line of Mac OS X and Web Objects commercial
products, Blacksmith also provides consulting services to companies and
organizations developing commercial and custom software for Mac OS X and
WebObjects. For more information, please visit