Adobe has released Adobe InContext Editing 1.5,
an update of the web content maintenance tool for
professional web designers to use with clients
who could benefit from being able to do simple
web site updates without the risk of damaging the
integrity of the site’s design and layout.

Adobe InContext Editing 1.5 is a fully hosted
online service that extends the productivity and
profitability potential of Adobe Creative Suite
4, according to Adobe. It’s designed to enable
the less technical client to update their web
site content from any browser without installing
any additional software.

To use InContext Editing, web designers identify
which regions of a Web site are editable in
either Dreamweaver CS4 or directly within a web
browser. In Dreamweaver CS4 they can also specify
editing options or define CSS styles to be made
available to their clients editing the content.
The web designer’s clients then access the Adobe
InContext Editing service using any modern
browser and once prompted, type in their username
and password and then click the “Edit” button to
begin making their updates.

InContext Editing doesn’t require a web
designer’s client to install any special software
or learn HTML. Enhancements in version 1.5
release include:

° The ability for professional web designers to
assign editable regions to a Web site from
directly within a browser;

° Simplified administration controls for web
designers to safeguard design integrity;

° Web-based editing capabilities for web
designers’ clients to make updates from virtually

InContext Editing joins Adobe Contribute CS4,
another Web content maintenance tool that is
included in Adobe CS4 Web Premium. Contribute
gives Web designers a tool to use with clients in
the enterprise space whose system networks
include firewalls and require more large scale
application solutions with more advanced web site
administration capabilities.

While InContext Editing is designed to work with
Dreamweaver CS4, web designers who create Web
sites with Dreamweaver CS3, or an earlier
version, can also get limited access to the
service through the browser. More information
about this hosted service can be found at