O’Reilly today announced the release of “Google Hacks,” authored by Tara Calishain and Rael Dornfest. The US$24.95 book is “a unique collection of one hundred tips and tools gathered from expert users of Google, as well as developers who are excited about Google’s new API. The book offers a variety of interesting ways for power users to mine the enormous amount of information that Google has access to. Each hack can be read in just a few minutes, but can save hours of searching for the right answers. Readers will learn clever and powerful methods for using the advanced search interface and the new Google API, including how to build and modify scripts that can become custom business applications based on Google.” O’Reilly has also announced “Mac OS X Hacks,” which will be released next month. The book “goes beyond the peculiar mix of man pages and not-particularly-helpful Help Center, pulling the best tips, tricks, and tools from the Mac power users and Unix hackers themselves.”