( BW)(CA-GOODBYESPAM-COM) Crusading Parent Declares War on Spam; An Entire
Family Can Live Spam-Free for Just $5.32 Per Month

News Editors/High-Tech Writers

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–March 4, 2003–Jeff Schwartz is
an Internet entrepreneur and protective parent who was fed up with the
increasing flood of spam in his family’s inboxes. “I was frustrated because
I couldn’t protect my kids from pornography, gambling and other ‘adult’
content,” Schwartz said. “So I did something about it. I developed an
anti-spam program that stops spam dead in its tracks — GoodbyeSpam.com.”

According to a January 2003 Harris Poll, 80 percent of people online
find spam “very annoying.” Moreover, a recent study by the Radicati Group
projects that spam will account for more than 45 percent of all e-mail
messages this year, and grow to 70 percent by 2007.

But GoodbyeSpam eliminates spam. Period.

The Professional Version protects an unlimited number of e-mail
accounts so families can enjoy spam-free e-mailing for just $5.32 per month
($15.95 quarterly). The Home Version protects a single e-mail account for
only $3.32 per month ($9.95 quarterly). Both versions are available for a
free 30-day trial at www.GoodbyeSpam.com.

“Typical anti-spam programs work only with POP3 accounts,” Schwartz
continued. “I wanted a program that allowed anyone accessing the Internet
to enjoy spam-free e-mail regardless of the type of accounts they own, the
number of accounts they have or the computer platform they use. Since
nothing like that existed, I developed GoodbyeSpam.com.”

GoodbyeSpam is the first anti-spam program that works with all e-mail
programs, including POP3, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, MSN, IMAP and Juno. It is
the first to offer three levels of security to defeat the most persistent
spammers. It is the first to allow users to import addresses from e-mail
programs to their Approved list with a single click. And because
GoodbyeSpam operates in a browser window, it is one of the few that works
on any platform that can access the Internet, including Windows, Macintosh,
Linux, Unix and handheld PDAs.

Bill Blinn, who writes The Technology Corner
(www.technology-corner.com) for WTVN in Columbus, Ohio, chose GoodbyeSpam
for his own family. According to Bill, “After I installed GoodbyeSpam, my
older daughter noticed the difference immediately. Before, she received 200
spams every time she checked her e-mail. Now she only gets e-mail from
people she knows, and she’s ecstatic.”

Even though GoodbyeSpam offers power and flexibility beyond ordinary
spam filters, it is remarkably easy to use. GoodbyeSpam automatically
eliminates known spam and places suspect messages in quarantine. Then it
automatically sends an e-mail asking the sender of the suspect message to
verify they are a real person rather than a spamming computer. Once a
sender is verified, their name is placed on the Approved list, their
messages are returned to the recipient’s inbox, and all future e-mail will
go through immediately.

GoodbyeSpam eliminates the annoying hassle of checking quarantined junk
mail to find and release legitimate messages — a problem that defeats the
very reason why people use filters in the first place.

GoodbyeSpam.com is a division of NextGen Development Corporation, a
closely held company with headquarters in San Clemente, California. The
company specializes in using the Internet to increase business and personal
effectiveness. NextGen Development Corporation, founded in 1998, also
includes SuperCalendar.com, the Internet’s only GUI calendar, and
1calendar.net, which enables websites to make their event and contact
information available to users with a single click. Jeff Schwartz and his
family have been profiled as “the ultimate wired family” in The Wall Street
Journal and other publications.