Pangea Software today announced that they are currently developing a new 3D game for the Macintosh entitled Billy Frontier. Billy Frontier is an arcade style game where you play Billy, a cowboy living on the planet New Texas. Gunslingers have taken over the planet, and it is up to Billy to restore peace (while making a hefty profit, of course). Billy Frontier is actually many games in one, all of which involve arcade style gameplay. There are levels where you do a quickdraw duel with the gunslingers, while on some other levels you run through town and take part in a full-scale shootout. There is even a part where you need to outrun a herd of stampeding Kanga-Cows (half kangaroo, half cow creatures). More details about Billy Frontier will be made known as development continues, but additional information and screenshots are up on Pangea Software’s Billy Frontier Web site. Billy Frontier should be available for US$15 in late April.