Intelli Innovations, Inc. is pleased to deliver IntelliMerge SQL 1.1, a new
functionality update to its high-end, database-enabled business
communication software.

IntelliMerge SQL 1.1 adds:

– Automatic Duplicate Skipping. For databases with multiple e-mail address
matches in a single table (such as, for example, our transaction-based
order database), IntelliMerge SQL can keep a local cache of which e-mail
addresses have already received a specific message, and optionally skip
over duplicates within a scope of a single campaign.

– IntelliMergeStatus Code Conversion in the SQL Console:

Database operations in IntelliMerge SQL work in both directions. Customer
information is downloaded from the database, and an IntelliMergeStatus
integer field is updated in exchange. This new addition to the SQL
Console allows the software to automatically convert this number to its
text equivalent.

IntelliMerge’s other included SQL Tools include an automatic POP3 bounce
checker, tab-delimited text import program, MySQL database
administration system, and an embedded SQL command console.

– Improved Bounce Checker — scans for bounced messages in your POP3
mailbox faster, and correctly matches several kinds of bounces it wasn’t
catching before.

– Improved result graphing capabilities.

– Faster styled text to HTML conversion (for the Styled Text message type).

– Simultaneous campaign licensing restrictions removed.

IntelliMerge SQL licenses range from $349-$2599. Signifigant discounts are
available during this week’s 3rd Annual Valentine’s Day Promotion.
Licensing information is available here:

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