28 January 2003 – Witango 5 brings rapid web-application development to Mac


Sydney, Australia — With Enterprise Pty Ltd has announced the immediate
release of Witango 5 for Mac OS X.

Witango 5’s visual programming interface allows developers to quickly build
sophisticated web applications that connect web sites to databases.

NASA, the US National Institute of Health, numerous universities worldwide
and the Government of Ireland are among the many demanding organizations
that use Witango.

Witango 5 is the first version of the software to support Mac OS X.


Witango’s outstanding visual programming interface allows web developers to
rapidly generate, update and maintain code of a consistently high standard.

“I’m not surprised by the incredible buzz surrounding visual programming,
because it’s the fastest way to produce consistent, easy-to-maintain code,”
said Sophie Wade, CEO of With Enterprise. “What surprises me is the
perception that these techniques are new. In fact, Witango is a proven,
visual programming environment that is almost as mature as the web itself.”


Witango’s full support for ODBC enables it to connect to database systems
on all platforms. Witango also supports the native Oracle Call Interface
(OCI), and will be joined by Witango 5 FileMaker Server for Mac OS X as
soon as possible in 2003.

Witango outputs XML files which can be executed by the Witango Server on
Mac OS X, Windows, Solaris or Linux.


With Enterprise Pty Ltd acquired the rights to Tango from Pervasive
Software in 2001 and quickly relaunched the program as Witango. In the
months that followed, With Enterprise met with Tango users, developers and
distributors worldwide, compiling a “wish list” that became Witango 5’s
strongest new features.

* Updated threading model: the application server now runs in full
pre-emptive multitasking mode.

* Mail integration: Witango now supports POP3, IMAP4 and SMTP as well as
international character sets, MIME encoding, file attachments and custom

* XML web services: The application server’s client interface has been
exposed, providing C++ and Java interfaces that can support SOAP, XML-RPC
and other direct connections.

* Enhanced debugging facilities: In particular, Witango 5 exposes the full
meta stack trace, which allows developers to quickly find errors in nested

* Expanded error reporting options: Developers have more control over error
messages and help text.

* Optimized variable handling: This improves application performance and
encourages developers to assign a type to their variables. This will assist
them to migrate their applications to future releases in the Witango
product family, including the forthcoming J2EE compiler.


Witango 5 Studio for Mac OS X and Witango 5 Studio for Windows are
available now from the Witango online store as well as through
international distributors based in Canada, Germany, Ireland, the United
States and South Korea.

The suggested retail price of Witango 5 Studio is US$593, AU$1098 or Euro
604, while upgrades from Tango 2000 are US$415, AU$769 or Euro 423.

A free 30-day demo is also available for download:



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