OpenOSX Announces Apple X11 Compatibility

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SAN FRANCISCO, Calif.–(OPENOSX-COM)–Jan. 8th, 2003– OpenOSX today
announced complete product compatibility with Apple’s new X11 application;
bringing full Quartz graphic acceleration to the OpenOSX Product line. The
OpenOSX products that utilize X-Windows, the “UNIX” standard graphical
environment, will benefit from Apple’s X11 application directly.

The OpenOSX products that utilize X-Windows are: OpenOSX Gimp, OpenOSX
Grass GIS, OpenOSX Office and the just released OpenOSX FilmGimp. These
products will benefit in dramatic performance and aesthetic improvements
when using Apple’s X11 application in place of OroborOSX and/or XDarwin.
OpenOSX’s product line is designed to not overwrite an existing version of
X11, including Apple’s, Tenon’s or OpenOSX’s.

OpenOSX’s diverse product line compiles and supports otherwise complicated,
tedious and unsupported Open Source software and system configuration by
simply clicking the product. No other software or additional experience is
required, even for OpenOSX’s most complicated installations.

OpenOSX will continue to develop, market and support their OpenOSX XFree
product for those who may want a legacy installation of X-Windows, complete
with source code packaged on CD-ROM. The OpenOSX XFree product is the only
OpenOSX package that will directly conflict with and overwrite and existing
version of Apple’s X11 application.

A complete OpenOSX Apple X11 compatibility statement is available at:
( ).

For more information about OpenOSX, visit the OpenOSX web site at:

OpenOSX is a company dedicated to serving, and expanding, the Macintosh
community. Founded on the premise that many computer users are intimidated
by the UNIX command-line, OpenOSX committed itself to one mission- bringing
popular Unix software to both the “Unix-challenged” and the seasoned, Mac
inclined system administrator in a friendly, Mac environment.