News Release

eZedia Releases eZeMotion the Ultimate iMovie Plug-in

WINNIPEG, MANITOBA – January 8, 2003 – eZedia Inc., a leader in
digital-media software technology, released today the ultimate iMovie
plug-in – eZeMotion.

eZeMotion gives iMovie users the ability to animate text, graphics,
and movies over a digital video clip. Users can now supercharge their
iMovie projects with multiple layers of media, sophisticated custom
titling, rotating images, scaled video, and much more.

"eZeMotion is the ultimate iMovie plug-in because of its
incredibly sophisticated capabilities," said Stefan Embleton, the
President and Chief Executive Officer of eZedia Inc. "eZeMotion
is the first plug-in of its kind that allows iMovie users to create
path animation sequences and composite multiple layers of media over a
DV clip. It extends iMovie into the realm of professional video
editing without the complexity and high-cost of other video-editing
and animation applications."

eZeMotion retails for $49 USD, and can be purchased online at eZeMotion is available for Mac OS X iMovie 2.1.1, or
greater. Other eZedia iMovie plug-ins include eZeMatte, eZeScreen, and

About eZedia Inc.
Founded in 1994 by Stefan Embleton, eZedia Inc. has become a leader in
digital-media software technology. The company derives its name from
the phrase "easy media", underscoring its corporate focus on
the delivery of easy-to-use and easy-to-learn digital media authoring
and development products. eZedia’s management team includes industry
veterans from Electronic Arts, Rolls Royce, Bristol Aerospace, Boeing,
and the Music Publishing Division of Oxford University Press.

eZedia’s growing family of products include eZediaMX, eZediaQTI,
eZeMatte for iMovie, eZeScreen for iMovie, eZeClip for iMovie,
eZeMotion for iMovie, and the eZedia Plug-in Bundle for iMovie. More
information about eZedia Inc. is available at (a