NEWS: AEC Software Launches Project Converter Site

— Free Online Service to Provide Mac Users with Easy Data Exchange Between
FastTrack Schedule and Microsoft Project —

STERLING, VA – January 7, 2003 — AEC Software, developers of FastTrack
Schedule, today launched a free online service that converts Microsoft
Project files into FastTrack Schedule files. The new Project Converter
website,, bridges the gap between the two
popular project managers–enabling FastTrack Schedule users to acquire
project data from Microsoft Project 2002, 2000, and 98 files.

Through an easy four-step submission process, users can upload up to three
Microsoft Project files simultaneously for conversion. Once uploaded, AEC
Software’s online servers convert the Microsoft Project files into
FastTrack Schedule 8 files and return the converted files to users via
email. Use of the Project Converter is free, and it does not require the
installation or licensing of either Microsoft Project or FastTrack Schedule.

“It’s never been easier for those who manage projects to make the ‘switch’
to FastTrack Schedule from Microsoft Project,” said Dennis Bilowus,
President and CEO of AEC Software. “For the first time, Mac users can
acquire project data from their Windows colleagues without using a PC or a
Windows-based application.”

In addition to the Project Converter, AEC Software offers other methods and
tools for exchanging project data between FastTrack Schedule and Microsoft
Project including a free Project Exchange Wizard and new XML support within
FastTrack Schedule 8.0.3, a new update to FastTrack Schedule 8. For more
information on FastTrack Schedule 8.0.3 and the Project Exchange Wizard,

About AEC Software
Headquartered in Sterling, VA, AEC Software, Inc. develops and publishes
business productivity software for Macintosh, Windows, and Palm. Fortune
500 companies and industry leaders use AEC Software’s products to schedule
activities, manage project information, and achieve project goals. For more
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