Hamburg, January 6th 2003

Xnet announces the worldwide-first Rendezvous implementation for
FTP complementary solution.

In the day of opening MacWorldExpo in San Francisco, Xnet
Communications GmbH officially presents complementary solution for
file transfer with the implementation of the brand new Apple’s
Rendezvous technology. It is the very first time you can use your Mac
and Windows PC as a common platform for your business without the need
of engineer skills to configure each other.

The revolutionary Rendezvous technology lets you create an
instant network of computers and other smart peripheral devices just
by getting them connected to each other. This scenario requires ZERO
configuration. Before Apple’s Rendezvous, network configuration was a
nightmare. With Rendezvous your computer will discover others, making
file sharing, printing and life completely simple.

With Rendezvous support, Captain FTP can find any Rendezvous-capable
FTP server on your local network.

Today Xnet introduces the brand new Crocodile Server as the first
Rendezvous enabled FTP Server for Windows, adopting Apple’s innovative
network discovering technology into the Microsoft world.

"The charter of our new product line is to enable Zero
Configuration IP Networking. That means making it possible to take two
computers, and connect them with a crossover Ethernet cable, and have
them communicate usefully using IP, without needing a man in a white
lab coat to set it all up for you. Captain FTP Client for Mac takes
the advantage of Rendezvous to discover and directly connect with the
Crocodile Server on your PC. That’s it! With Zero technical discussion
you can get your files produced on Mac and share it with rest of the
world using powerful Crocodile Server" – said Wolfgang

One more time Xnet filled a role on the front edge of open systems
standardization to continually research, develop and implement
state-of-the-art technology for future networking.

For further information, please use the following links:
Product information portal: (a
Crocodile Server page: (a
Captain FTP download: (a
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Xnet Communications is an independent technology center. The core
business consists of complex solutions in the area of data
communications. Xnet combines standard-components to provide
turn-key-solutions for all requirements in data communications. Xnet
is orientated on the industrial standards of UNIX, TCP/IP and of
course Mac OS X. Due to the long experience of our staff, Xnet has a
long and founded know-how in all areas of data communications: in
modern systems, as well as migrating from legacy systems to the most
sophisticated architectures.