Hello and Happy New Year.

My name is Riccardo Ettore and I’ve been writing Mac software since 1985
when I released the freeware desktop clock, BigBen. Then came SoundMover,
IBeep2, SndControl and Sounds4Fun. I am Italian, but was born in Egypt and
currently live in London after spending 19 years in Belgium.

Back in 1989, I released a piece of software called TypeIt4Me and I am
quite confident that your readers, listeners or viewers would be well
pleased to discover it, since many users tell me they just cannot live
without it.

So what exactly is TypeIt4Me? As Mister Spock would put it:

“It’s autotext, Jim, but not as we know it!”

With TypeIt4Me, more text is typed with fewer keystrokes.

YES, it’s like autotext/autocorrect, BUT TypeIt4Me works in ALL
applications, not just one.

YES, macro utilities can type text 4 u, BUT TypeIt4Me lets you define
meaningful abbreviations, so you can type them naturally, as part of your
writing, without memorizing – or reaching for – obscure ctrl-cmd-xyz

Originally published in 1989, TypeIt4Me won the 1994 MacUser Shareware
Award for Best Publishing Tool and has become a “classic” must-have program
for anyone who does any typing on their Mac. It has been acclaimed by
experts and users alike ( see
http://homepage.mac.com/rettore/ty/feedback.htm and
http://homepage.mac.com/rettore/ty/awards.htm ) and has a very loyal user
base with at least one user in 77 (seventy-seven) different countries
around the world, from Antarctica to Zambia!

Next week’s Macworld Expo sees the worldwide debut of the OS X version of

A visit to booth 3561 at the Business Solutions pavilion for a two minute
demo could save hours of unnecessary typing, not to mention the wear and
tear on fingers and wrists!

Plus, a free TypeIt4Me CD & licence will be given away at 1pm and 4pm
daily. And what’s more, it will be an opportunity to meet the author in

TypeIt4Me for OS X costs $27. Upgrades for registered users of the Classic
version are $9. Users who registered after June 1, 2001 can upgrade for
free by emailing their registered user code to support@typeit4me.com

SPECIAL MACWORLD SHOW PRICE: $19.95 – a saving of over 25% off the regular

Best regards,
Riccardo Ettore