For Immediate Release

Philadelphia, PA and Alpharetta, GA; December 11, 2002 – PDF Sages, LLC and
Apago, Inc announce the release of their much anticipated PDF Enhancer
product for both desktops and servers.

PDF Enhancer improves the quality and functionality of your PDF files in
several ways. It repairs any errors or damage in the document while
reducing them in size sometimes as much as 90% of their original size!
Users can also optionally apply such features as security and linearization
to their documents. All of this is accomplished while preserving
annotations, hyperlinks, and form fields.

“By optimizing PDF files for their intended use, the file size can be
significantly reduced – saving money and time. The smaller size PDF files
can be stored, transmitted and downloaded more quickly, making them more
efficient for archiving, distribution via the web or email and on-screen
reading,” says Apago president Dwight Kelly.

PDF Enhancer is able to achieve such small files sizes by combining the
advanced image and document processing tools from Apago with a new
technique pioneered by the author of Aladdin’s StuffIt and now Chief
Technology Officer of PDF Sages, Leonard Rosenthol. Called “targeted
optimization,” the software analyzes the internals of the PDF file, and is
able to identify and target specific redundancies introduced by individual
PDF production tools, thus providing even greater file size reduction on
many types of files.

When distributing PDF files, there are other things that one normally does
manually to finalize the presentation for the user. These PDF settings,
such as the “Open Options,” “Document Summary” information, and more can be
incorporated into the enhancement process making PDF Enhancer the final
step in your document preparation workflow.

PDF Enhancer Professional and Server Editions also include two critical
functions needed in the enterprise marketplace – linearization (or Fast Web
View) for fast on-line viewing of large documents and advanced security for
content protection and access restriction.

In addition, PDF Enhancer includes a very comprehensive “first aid kit” to
repair the majority of broken or corrupted PDF files. This is especially
important for PDF Enhancer Server Edition, where files produced by
different tools, or problems with damage during electronic transmission,
may be encountered.

Michael Geary, the Director of Development for the Treeline Group, Inc.
remarked, “PDF Enhancer offers exciting and impressive capabilities for
server-based PDF solutions. Developers are now able to address PDF
optimization, security, and streamlining all in one pass with one tool. It
has performed admirably for us under heavy load, and is a perfect
complement to our dynamic PDF solutions.”

PDF Enhancer is available in three versions – Standard and Professional for
desktop use, plus the Server Edition. The desktop versions are available
for Mac OS X (10.1 and later) and Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP and are
multi-threaded for maximum performance on single and multi-processor
computers. The server versions are available for Mac OS X and Windows
NT/2000/XP. Future server versions will also support Solaris and other
operating systems.

PDF Enhancer is available immediately for Mac OS X (all versions) and the
Server Edition for Windows. The Desktop versions for Windows will be
available by the end of 2002.

More information about PDF Enhancer including fully functional demo
versions are available from both companies’ web sites.

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About Apago
Founded in 1991, Apago ( is a privately held
corporation that develops and markets software primarily for the graphic
arts, prepress and printing industries. The company has licensed its
PostScript, PDF and raster imaging technologies to industry leading
companies including DuPont (NYSE: DD), Creo (NASDAQ: CREO; TSE: CRE),
Fujifilm USA and Dainippon Screen, among many others, and counts AOL Time
Warner, R.R. Donnelly, Vertis, Brown Printing, R.E. May, CMP Media, Ogilvy
& Mather, and Saatchi & Saatchi Rowland, among its many retail customers.
Apago supports ANSI and ISO standards including TIFF/IT and PDF/X. The
company is headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, USA, just north of Atlanta.

About PDF Sages
PDF Sages (, located in Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania, USA, is a privately held corporation that is dedicated to
providing unmatched PDF-oriented consulting and development services. The
company creates solutions that combine an extensive knowledge of PDF with
other publishing tools to deliver solutions for both the desktop and server
markets for Mac OS, Microsoft Windows and various Unix-based platforms. PDF
Sages is also the official Acrobat SDK Trainer for Adobe Systems.