Passenger 2.2 final is now available. The new version focuses on support
for 10.2 Server but also offers greater flexibility in formulations of
usernames, short names and passwords and many other small enhancements. The
upgrade is free to registered users of Passenger 1.0 and higher.


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Passenger is a server account creation and password generation tool that
will import tab and comma-delimited text, ASIP 6.3 and Mac OS X XML and
create account information and passwords for AppleShare IP 5-6.3, Mac OS X
Server 10.0 – 10.2, Macintosh Manager, Eudora Internet Mail Server, WebSTAR
FTP, WebSTAR Web, Master Spell and Master Key. It includes tools to migrate
account folders, set privileges in batch for Mac OS X home directories and
Eudora client settings customization and distribution.

Jay Lichtenauer, MacinMind Software