WiebeTech offers High Capacity DesktopGBTM;
Shipping in capacities to 250GB

WICHITA, KS =96 November 12, 2002 =96 WiebeTech is now shipping a new High
Capacity version of DesktopGB, the popular desktop drive. This new version
offers the ability to support ATA-6 drives in FireWireTM mode while
retaining USB1 and USB2 functionality for drives with ATA-5 capacities. The
product is available in capacities to 250GB.

For past purchasers of DesktopGB, a product upgrade to the new High
Capacity version is available for $69.95 and can be ordered online at

“This product provides support for ATA-6 drives which is not available in
the regular version of DesktopGB. It is also less expensive than Super
DesktopGB because it is AC-powered, not bus-powered. Finally, it maintains
USB compatibility for ATA-5 drives,” said James Wiebe, CEO of WiebeTech.
“As a result, it is the perfect choice for users who want inexpensive,
extremely high performance support for high capacity drives.”


Product /Order code/Price/Availability
DesktopGB / High Capacity version includes: Enclosure, vertical stand,
FireWire cable, USB cable and AC adapter.

0GB / User Conf. HGB-0 $139.95 stock
80GB / 7200RPM HGB-80 $259.95 stock
120GB / 7200RPM HGB-120 $319.95 stock
180GB / 7200RPM*HGB-180 $479.95 stock
200GB / 7200RPM*HGB-200 $529.95 stock
250GB / 5400RPM*HGB-250 $559.95 stock
HGB-Upgrade**HGB-UP $69.95 stock

*USB mode is not functional in units with ATA-6 drives
**HGB-Upgrade includes: Bridgeboard modifications for ATA-6 support; new
firmware. Requires return of user’s DesktopGB.

In the U.S. and Canada, DesktopGB/High Capacity may be purchased directly
from WiebeTech. Dealers may also purchase the product from WiebeTech’s
distributor, All configurations are in stock and available
directly from Canadian resellers may purchase WiebeTech
products from EMJ (

About WiebeTech

WiebeTech LLC was founded in July 2000 by James Wiebe and has focused on
marketing high performance, highly portable storage solutions.