November 6, 2002
Product update for XTension, home automation software for the Mac :

Sand Hill Engineering has released version 3.9.2 of “XTension” the Mac-only
home automation software.

In anticipation of a radical new version of XTension sometime in the Spring
of 2003, the price of the ‘Classic’ version of XTension has been slashed
from $79.95 to $39.95.

This version will run on any Mac, from the Mac Plus, to the latest iMac. It
will also run under X, in the “classic” mode.

This reduced price is for the ‘classic’ version, and does not include
automatic upgrade to the X version.

This is the latest commercial version, honed by over 6 years of user
feedback and continuous design and research.

XTension is available in a free Lite version which incorporates all of the
features of the full version, with only a limitation on the number of
database units. (The Lite version works with most popular X-10 controllers
and the new MR26a.)

Downloads and a rich website of home automation ideas can be found at

Michael Ferguson
Sand Hill Engineering