Mindbridge Software releases 3.0 Beta of IntraSmart, the ‘Instant Intranet’

To download the new release, please register at:


IntraSmart 3.0 includes the following features:

New applications include:

* Asset Scheduler – Schedule conference rooms, automobiles, trucks, computer
and the people who need to utilize them.
* Help – Help system tied directly to a users role in the organization.
* Autologin integration with IIS Challenge and Response mechanism.
* Administrator has absolute granularity over all administrative roles

New Features Include:

– Announcements:

* Announcements now have events associated with them. An event may be added to
one’s personal calendar.

Bulletin Boards:

* Users may edit a posting for a period of time defined by an Administrator.
* Views of the board include: Threaded, By Poster, By Title, By Date Descending
* Daily and weekly digest subscriptions.
* Searching capabilities overhauled

– Employee Directory & Address Book:

* Search mechanism simplified
* Search results indicate if the value of the search is contained in the record

– Calendar:

* Ability to multiple persons schedules when for Appointment creation purposes.
* Integration of Address Book records.

– Document Library

* Assignment of Document Library Administrators by:
o Company
o Department
o Document Category
* Non-Administrators may not add documents to any categories.
* My Documents has been overhauled to provide an ‘Explorer-like’ interface.
* A revision history is provided.
* Subscription to categories and documents (email notification).

– Content Manager

* JavaScripting support built into the Form creation process.
* Doubling of the fields available for dropping data into.
* Additional sample templates provided.

– Form Generator

* JavaScripting support built into the Form creation process.
* Mapping of a Form Entries to any number of third party databases via JDBC.
* Greater control over reports.
* Ability to assign a custom report to an email notification.

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