Torino, Italy – Oct 17, 2002

XCHAR 3.0 FOR MAC OS AND MAC OS X RELEASED I’m proud to announce the
release of XChar 3.0 for Mac OS and Mac OS X, a new version of the OS X
utility that allows you to use uncommon characters even if you don’t
remember the correct key combination. The application has been totally
rewritten and now supports Classic Mac OS (with CarbonLib) also. The
software is faster in startup and responsiveness and there are a lot of new
and/or improved features. See below for more info.

XChar allows you to quickly use uncommon characters even if you don’t
remember the key combination you need to use a certain character. How?
XChar displays a window containing all the characters that your Mac can
display. When you need one of it, simply drag and drop it on the place
where you need it. And when you don’t need XChar, you can reduce its window
to a small icon and place it where you want on your screen. When you’ll
need it again, simply click on it and it will zoom again. Moreover, XChar
is a standalone application and doesn’t need any special extension to run.

— Now XChar also display HTML codes for special characters
— Now you can highlight characters to quickly find them
— XChar window now is automatically moved to fit inside screen
— Faster application loading and better overall responsiveness
— Now you can minimize the XChar palette in the up-right corner on Mac OS X
— Now you can set palette traslucency on Mac OS X
— Now XChar supports Mac OS 8.1-9.2.2 with CarbonLib installed
— Many minor bugs were fixed

XChar is a $10 shareware product.

For more informations and download. visit:

Best Regards,
Angelo Scicolone, a.k.a. 3Zik2
Mac OS and Mac OS X Developer
email: ascicolone@mac.com
Website: http://www.ziksw.com/