Singlestep Technologies Announces Free Download of Device Management
Applications for Cisco =AE Routers and Switches.

Complete the IT Survey from Singlestep Technologies and Receive a Free
to Monitor and Manage Cisco devices.

Seattle, WA – October 4, 2002 – Singlestep Technologies, creator of network
integration and information management software, announced today that their
Device Management Applications are available for free by simply completing
a survey at before October 31, 2002.
These applications were developed specifically to give network managers
more efficient management of their network devices. Available for the Mac
OS X and Windows 2000/XP operating systems, the software generally sells
for between $125 and $375 depending on the device and configuration

The applications improve the manageability of select Cisco routers and
switch devices. The feature set includes the ability to more easily:

*Set the status, speed and duplex of one or more Ethernet interfaces
*Change settings on all interfaces with a single command
*Monitor traffic across one or more interfaces

Users who complete the short, 9-question IT survey will also receive a
30-day free trial of VNOS, the Visual Network Operating System, which is
required to run the Device Management Applications. Free application
downloads are limited to one per person. Each license allows for one
clone, so that two devices can be monitored and managed from a single
application download. The Device Management Applications support the Cisco
Catalyst 2950 Series Switches and the Cisco 2600 Series Routers.

About Singlestep Technologies and VNOS

Singlestep Technologies, Corp. is a leading developer of enterprise
software for networking and information management. Powered by their
patented technology platform, VNOS (Visual Network Operating System),
products allow IT and Networking professionals to easily integrate their
knowledge and experience with the information generated by their existing
network devices and management systems. Applications bring this critical
information into one, intelligent, user-defined interface. Singlestep
Technologies, Corp. is based in Seattle, WA. For more information on
Singlestep Technologies, VNOS and the VNOS Developer Network, please visit