RAV AntiVirus Now Available for Mac OS X Server

Security Solutions Provider Unveils Full Commitment for CommuniGate Pro,
Dmail, Postfix, and Courier Messaging Solutions on Mac OS X

White Plains, NY & Bucharest, Romania – September 25, 2002 – GeCAD
Software, a global provider of data security solutions for Linux, Unix, and
Windows, today pledged its full commitment to supporting RAV AntiVirus on
Mac OS X. RAV AntiVirus boasts a unified solution for virus scanning,
content, and spam filtering capabilities. RAV AntiVirus offers robust
security for high-volume mail and file servers utilized by businesses,
ISP’s, educational institutions, and governments throughout the world.

RAV AntiVirus meets the security demands of mail servers and has proved
itself to be one of the most stable and powerful antivirus solutions
running on OS X. “Since RAV’s debut on OS X in June, we have received
incredible reception from the Macintosh community. It was only obvious to
build on this success and broaden our support to other OS X mail server
platforms,” said Michael Katz, President of RAE Internet, US Distributors
for RAV.

GeCAD’s historical focus in the Unix/Linux market has opened a wide range
of possibilities for supporting OS X. RAV was born on Linux and Unix
servers, with the unique RAV Engine continually revised for the last 10
years to offer complete group policy administration, automatic updates,
virus surveillance capabilities, content filtering, and spam filtering –
all residing on the OS X mail server itself.

RAV AntiVirus is available in the U.S. through RAE Internet
(www.raeinternet.com (http://www.raeinternet.com/) ) the official U.S.
distributor of RAV AntiVirus products. RAV AntiVirus uses a distinct per
engine or per instance pricing model and is currently available for a free
30-day trial at http://raeinternet.com/rav/download.html.

RAV AntiVirus is also available via distributors throughout the world. In
country distributors can be found at

About GeCAD Software
GeCAD Software (www.ravantivirus.com (http://www.ravantivirus.com/) ) is a
global IT company focused on providing leading-edge data security and
anti-virus solutions for all categories of users. GeCAD Software launched
its first anti-virus program in 1994 and has experienced rapid growth
since. Distributors, resellers and OEM partners represent GeCAD Software

About RAE Internet
RAE Internet is the official U.S. distributor for RAV AntiVirus providing
direct sales, technical support, consulting, and updates for all RAV
products throughout the United States. RAE Internet is headquartered in
White Plains, NY. For more information go to www.raeinternet.com
(http://www.raeinternet.com/) .