17 SEPTEMBER 2002 — Xoggle, the open-source Boggle game developement
effort, was updated today from developer Drew Hamlin of Vizspring Software.

Xoggle is an open-source, networkable game of the popular classic game
Boggle. It includes a full dictionary word list as well as REALbasic and
text-based source code.

Changes in release 1B27:
– Added preferences dialog with the option to auto-define the word list instead
of having to manually select it at the start of each game
– Fixed a bug where Xoggle would fail to pick the longest possibility in some
rare cases, which sometimes would result in not seeing a word as being
on the board
– Windows version now additionally available

Note: As of the current version, multiplayer networking is disabled and is
still yet to be added to the game. We are planning on using the newly
written QueueSocket to add multiplayer capabilities in an upcoming release.

Xoggle is available for free download, including source code, from
(http://www.drewhamlin.com/realbasic/). Xoggle is distributed under the GNU
General Public License and is OSI certified as part of the Open Source
Initiative at (http://www.opensource.org)

Xoggle is being developed using REALbasic 4.5, but is backwards compatible
with little or no code revision, depending on the REALbasic version.

REALbasic Developer Drew Hamlin is best-known for his work at Vizspring
Software where he has created the well-known and Macworld Magazine
acclaimed Typeset and ThrobberEdit applications. To learn more about Drew
Hamlin and Vizspring Software visit (http://www.drewhamlin.com) and

Drew Hamlin, Vizspring Software
President, Webmaster, Developer