ResourceEdit, a novel plugin for REALbasic.

This plugin has been put to life for a couple of reasons. The first reason
was to provide tools you can use to meaningfully implement a new class that
comes with NavDialog Plugin. This new class is called NavCustomization,
which allows you to add a DITL resource to a NavDialog window. Navigation
Services allows you to do this, and because Navigation belongs to the Human
Interface Experience, it was almost imperative to implement. In order to
give the REALbasic programmer the necessary tools, a new plugin had to be
created, which does several things.

1) Allows you to use existing REALbasic controls for prototyping DITL and
DLOG resources.

2) Write resources out into a resourcefork.

3) Provide classes you use to bring life into these resources.

4) Make it compatible with the NavDialog Plugin.

A spin-off of this plugin is possibly the provision of tools you could
exploit to copy ResEdit and bring it on the MacOSX market. It seems also be
useful for Windows.

Version History
ResourceEdit for MacOS 8, 9 and X and Windows

Version 1.3, September 11, 2002
–Added support for the new NavCustomization Class (NavDialog Plugin). This
means the creation of the classes ResourceControl, ResourceList,
ResourceListCell, and ResourceMenu.
— first release to the public.

Version 1.2, August 12, 2002
–created the ResourceFile class and changed folderItem.OpenResourceFile to
return a ResourceFile class.
–created the Resourcefile constructor to take a folderitem as argument,
thereby deprecating folderitem.OpenResourceFile.

Version 1.1, July 31, 2002
–added ‘kind’, ‘open’ resources for possible use with the NavDialog plugin.
–Added the folderItem extension OpenResourceFile

Version 1.0, July 20, 2002
–first version available for prototyping resources.


Alfred N. Van Hoek, Ph.D.