Monday, September 16, 2002

The next week, 24U company is going to introduce a new Scripting Addition
update 24U Email OSAX 2.1 for Mac OS and Mac OS X.

What is 24U Email OSAX?

24U Email OSAX extends AppleScript by an ability to send electronic mails
automatically and directly, without need of any additional aplication. It
allows you to send e-mails quickly and easily from your scripts (i.e. CGI,
Folder Action, database).

More information about Scripting Addition 24U Email OSAX:

Improvements of the new version 24U Email OSAX 2.1

– smtp authentication (plain, login, cram-md5)
– better performance
– improved compatibility with most SMTP servers
– RFC 2822 compliance
– better user experience
– more flexible terminology

More information about the released Scripting Addition can be found next
week at your favorite server or the web page:

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