Find, organize and remove invisible files and folders with Invisible Finder

Toronto Ontario – September 9, 2002 – Rage Software today announced the
availability of Invisible Finder 2.1. Invisible Files can quickly build up
on your hard drives especially when using Mac OS X. Invisible Finder helps
track these files down, allowing you to perform various operations such as
toggle the visibility, view file information, edit invisible documents as
well as delete unneeded invisible files.

There are many solutions available to toggle the visibility of files and
folders, however, Invisible Finder takes this ability to the next level by
remembering the visibility changes and allowing them to be reverted at a
later time. Preventing problems or incompatibilities that may arise due to
files being made visible. Furthermore, invisible documents can be opened
and modified in any selected application.

Invisible Finder also offers filtering options which can help track down
specific invisible files. As well, it is possible to browse your computer
while having invisible files displayed from within Invisible Finder.

New in 2.1

Invisible Finder 2.1 will no longer automatically search your hard drives
for invisible files when it is launched as was done in previous versions.
Instead, you now have the option to select a certain volume to search, or
you can chose to search your whole computer. This allows for faster file
searching and removes the inconvenience of having thousands of invisible
files listed that can simply be ignored.

Version 2.1 will also display the path of the invisible files listed so
that you can easily see what volume the invisible file is located on and
more importantly, exactly what folder the invisible file can be found in.

Other new features include faster sorting of the listed invisible files and
an invert menu item which will invert the current selection in the file

Pricing and Availability

Invisible Finder can be downloaded from the Rage Software web site at;

Single User License- $14.95 US
10 -49 copies: – $10.95 US/unit
50+ copies: – $8.95 US/unit

Invisible Finder can be purchased through the Rage Software online store

More Information

More information can be found at the Invisible Finder web site at;

Invisible Finder FAQs cam be found at;

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