Stockholm, Sweden August 27, 2002
3TAG AB (http://www.3tag.com/)
3TAG AB is pleased to announce that the T3TracePlugin now is available.
Download at

T3TracePlugin is the REALbasic developers dream when it comes to track down
bugs. Logging exactly what you want right when you need it. And, on the
Win32 platform, where you have no really good way of knowing what happens
within your REALbasic application, the T3TracePlugin is a vital part of
getting your application running well and have platform specific bugs found
and eliminated before your users find them.

Version 1.0.0 Initial release.

Welcome to the T3TracePlugin.
This plugin is for REALbasic 3.5.2 or newer will allow you as a developer
to log whatever textstrings you need to a logfile and/or depending on
plattform to the Console on Mac OS X, DCon* on Mac OS Classic, or a console
window on Win32.

The TracePlugin is lightweight, threadsafe and you have four default
logbits that can be switched or/off to enable/disable logging to that
logbit, and you can create your own logbits to have an even better control
of what to log.

The unregistred version of T3TracePlugin will only log the first 127 entries.

T3TracePlugin is a commersial product and the cost is $25.

*To use DCon you have to purchase that software from Phasic Interware. Best
place to purchase DCon is DevDepot, http://www.devdepot.com/

Trademarks and products mentioned the the above text are properties or its

Happy bug hunting

/ The 3TAG T3TracePlugin team