OmniPilot Software Announces Lasso Professional 8.1

Dania Beach, Fla. — September 20, 2005 — OmniPilot Software, Inc., a
global provider of integrated management software, today announces the
release of Lasso Professional 8.1, as the premier tool for developing,
serving and managing data-driven web applications and offers developers a
“build once, deploy anywhere” approach.

More than 100 changes and 19 new tags have been added to Lasso 8.1. Key
emphasis has been placed on enhancing Lasso’s speed and performance in
critical areas. Many improvements have been made to Lasso’s browser support
and handling of a multitude of character sets and encodings. Lasso 8.1 has
new features for creating and modifying encrypted PDFs and provides
enhanced support for PDF forms.

“This is the last major Lasso update for 2005,” said Brett Circe, president
of OmniPilot Software. “We tried very hard to incorporate the majority of
the feature requests and fixes that our customers have requested since the
release of Lasso 8.”

The most significant enhancements include:

Performance: Lasso’s performance and stability has been improved, making it
more suitable for applications under heavy load. Operations on binary data
and character strings have been optimized. The improved document caching
eliminates the need to re-compile code or execute redundant database
queries. Streamlined security and configuration settings have eliminated
delays and bottlenecks.

Compatibility: The handling of data from a wider variety of browsers is now
improved, allowing the Lasso developer to reliably deliver applications to
a larger audience. Digest authentication with more versions of Microsoft
Internet Explorer browsers is now supported. Many fixes have been made to
support Microsoft Outlook’s display of Lasso sent email.

Sessions: Sessions, which track data associated with each visit, are now
held in memory initially, before more permanent storage to a SQLite
database, resulting in noticeable performance gains. Additional tuning
parameters make it easier and more efficient to store session data from
multiple Lasso servers in a single MySQL data source for load balancing.

Data Sources: Improved compatibility with FileMaker data sources and
support for the new multilingual capabilities of MySQL 4.1 gives Lasso even
greater flexibility in data storage choices. Highly optimized database and
table level security checks and additional batch operations in the
administration LassoApps, make the configuration of data sources easier
than ever.

Customer Requests: Numerous customer submitted feature requests have been
addressed, resulting in the addition of new features in the areas of
encryption and SSL certificate handling, POP and SMTP email handling, and
many others throughout Lasso.

Lasso Professional Alliance (LPA) member Jim Van Heule, president of Heunox
Corporation, has tested the beta program release version of Lasso 8.1 and
states, “The testing I have done on the beta program release has shown
incredible speed increases. Plus, I have really liked how OmniPilot has
been taking the time to not only fix bugs, but to also tweak the overall
performance and compatibility of the product. In some tests, I saw a 25x
speed increase vs. the current LP8 release. There are also some very nice
new features.”

This is a FREE update for Lasso customers and LPA members who own any
version of Lasso Professional 8. As a special promotion, through the end of
September, any previous version of Lasso can be upgraded to Lasso 8.1 for
$349. LPA members can upgrade for only $249. For more information visit or email

About OmniPilot
OmniPilot Software, Inc. is a software development company offering
cross-platform business management solutions designed to help
small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs) optimize their online presence. With
eight years of custom application development and its 2004 acquisition of
the Lasso product line, OmniPilot Software applications ensure that clients
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OmniPilot’s software is used by over 1,000 educational institutions and
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