Mac OS X 10.2 arrived today and so I’m proud to announce the
availability of the MBS Plugin in version 2.6 beta. Yes, Mac OS X 10.2
is just released and we still need some time to verify that everything
works, but everyone is welcome to try the new stuff.

You can find the software and the online documentation on our website

Attached to this email the release notes.

PS: If you have a problem with the plugin, please send an email. Thanks.

Christian Schmitz
Monkeybread Software Germany

* Added PacketSocket class
* Added Addressbook classes (for Mac OS X 10.2).
* All things should now have a valid encoding.
* RB 4.5.1fc2 fixed a big picture bug on Windows. I verified that the
following plugin functions should work correctly with Windows and RB
4.5.1fc2: PictureToJPEGString, JPEGStringToPicture,
folderitem.OpenAsJPEG, picture.rotation, picture.mirror,
folderitem.saveasjpeg, picturetoString, stringtoPicture, Screenshot.
* Added Icon class.
* Added Finderlabel class.
* Added URLAccess classes (not yet finished or documented).
* Added SoftDeclare class. (e.g. call MachO Framework functions)
* Renamed folderitem.ColorCode to folderitem.FinderLabel.
* Added several fonts classes to list all font families.
* Added functions to active and deactivate fonts.
* Added functions to change the application dock tile image.
* Improved SaveAsJpeg, PictureToJPEG and PictureToString for RB 4.5 and
* Improved system.username to really work on every Mac.
* Shortpath and Longpath now work on Windows NT 4.
* Added a WindowsShortCut class.
* Fixed a bug in Largebinarystream on Mac OS Classic.
* Added Rotation and Mirror to picture class.
* Added Scroll to graphics class.
* Added some more special folders included create functions.
(now over 120 folders)
* Redesigned catsearch object (faster, smaller, easier to handle).
* Added IORegistry classes.
* Added CoreFoundation classes and functions (around 200 items)
* Removed debug tables from PPC Plugins and saved 200 KB.
* Process.Visible doesn’t crash any more if you don’t have CarbonLib 1.5
* Add themes pages to the help.
* Added DDE classes.
* Added DarwinVMStatistics class.
* Added WindowsVMStatistics class.
* Added new Colorsync Stuff.
* Renamed QTFileTransfer control to MBSQTFileTransfer to avoid conflicts
with other plugins.
* Renamed HTMLViewer control to MBSHTMLViewer to avoid conflicts with
other plugins.
* Added PictureToBinaryString and BinaryStringToPicture to store
pictures uncompressed into a string.
* Added palette class and help functions.
* Removed ScreenshotEnabled, because the RB IDE is not handling it good.
Also it was Classic only and didn’t work with third party software.
* Fixed bug in app.applicationfile.
* Fixed bug in folderitem.colorcode.
* Fixed bug in Registry -) DeleteKeyValue.
* Added MacSCSIFindDevice class.
* Added GetStringEncoding and SetStringEncoding methods.
* Added Window.hasborder.
* Fixed Nameregistry class to work on Classic inside a Carbon
* Added GetDoubleClickInterval function.
* Added new G4 chips to system.cpuname.
* Added Mac OS X support for system.MACAddress
(Ethernet Hardware Address).
* Added Window.WinMenuHandle.

A thousand functions in one Realbasic plugin. The MBS Plugin.
(currently 45 plugin parts, over 1600 functions)