PowerGlot Software Releases PowerGlot 2.0 Premier Localization Tool for Mac
OS Gets Major Upgrade

For Immediate Release

(Nice, France) August 13th, 2002 – PowerGlot Software announced today the
release of PowerGlot 2.0, a new version of its premier localization tool
for Macintosh software. PowerGlot enables developers to make their products
available worldwide in the native language of their choice, including
2-byte languages like Japanese, Chinese and Korean. PowerGlot extracts text
from applications, helps perform the translations and then builds the
localized applications, with an easy to use, fast and powerful interface.

A major upgrade to the PowerGlot 1.x series, PowerGlot 2.0 brings Mac OS X
compatibility and support for Mac OS X applications. The new Work Files
mechanism improves automation for large projects. PowerGlot 2.0 also
improves AppleScript support for extended automation, and brings numerous
other changes, improvements and bug fixes over PowerGlot 1.x.

Retail price is US$199.00, with Site and World-Wide licenses available.
Upgrades are offered at a 40% discount to existing customers. Information
and a demo version are available at (http://www.powerglot.com/).

PowerGlot 2.0 contains AppleScript support which extends the software’s
functionalities. New AppleScript Studio applications let users import
glossary files from multiple sources, use the Internet BabelFish
translation engine to help with translations, and more.

* Support for Mac OS 8/9 and Mac OS X applications, including Cocoa
* All languages supported by Mac OS can be targeted, including 2-byte
* Contextual glossaries for precise control over translated terms.
* Makes it easy to take one version of a translated application and
change it to a new, updated one.
* Automated Translation with reusable glossaries.
* Automatic consistency checks (can be individually disabled)
* AppleScript support. Sample scripts and AppleScript Studio applications
* Extracts text from all resource types (including application-specific
resources using Resorcerer(tm) templates) as well as Interface Builder and
localizable strings files.
* Drag and drop support.
* Specific support for applications developed with Metrowerks=AE CodeWarrior=
and the PowerPlant framework, as well as Palm OS applications.
* Extremely fast. Extracting the text or generating a localized application
takes only a few seconds.
* Small memory footprint.
* PDF user manual.
* Free E-mail technical support at (support@powerglot.com).

PowerGlot version 2.0 is available now.
Distribution via electronic download only: (http://www.powerglot.com/).

PowerGlot 2.0 costs
– US$199.00 per user
– Site licenses are US$1,490.00.
– World-wide licenses are US$2,990.00.
– 40% discount for existing customers.

For more information: (http://www.powerglot.com/) or email: