In a lengthy interview with Italy’s La Stampa (Italian), Pascal Cagni, head of Apple’s European division, discusses a myriad of topics, from Apple’s financials to its new products and performance in Europe. As noted by Reuters, Cagni says Apple expects to break even this quarter. However, the interview with La Stampa took place during Macworld Expo New York last month, days after Apple reported its third-quarter earnings and CFO Fred Anderson told analysts that Apple expects to post a “slight profit before nonrecurring items,” so Cagni’s remarks are presumably without additional guidance or reflective of Apple’s performance thus far in the quarter. Apple’s fiscal fourth-quarter ends September 30. Cagni also notes that despite a weaker European PC market — Apple’s revenue in Europe was down 24 percent sequentially last quarter — Apple’s market share has risen in Europe, especially in Italy, which has surpassed France as Apple’s fastest growing European market.