Three new versions of the famous plugins for REALbasic are available @

HTMLrendering exploits the HTMLrendering capabilities of MacOS. The plugin
is also useful to make your own web-browser. For this you also require to
install URLAccess plugin.

version 2.2 August 7, 2002
–fixed a major rendering flaw that showed up with REALbasic 4.5 carbon,
while went unnoticed in earlier versions of REALbasic. REALbasic version
4.5 has improved the graphics internals, allowing the renderer to fit better
with REALbasic.
–fixing/improvement also included the renderer being tabpanel savvy.
–support for obtaining focus appropriately (RB4.0 and higher), and changed
the buttontoKey event to a Focus event, reporting whether the renderer has
the focus.
–known issues carbon: picture of a rendered page leaves the renderer and
the window in an unknown state, and parsing files the URLAccess manager
generates, when in web-browser mode, is by the renderer not recognized.

cIconButtons is a plugin where various buttons are grouped into one control.
It makes life easier when you want to have a homing button together with a
goBack and goForward button. You also can add additional buttons on the
fly. cIconbuttons was developed together with the HTMLrendering Plugin.
The appearance of the buttons can be changed by using ResEdit, information
of how to do this is available through RB Plugin Plunger, or using the
sample project that comes with HTMLrendering. Info is then obtained through
the renderer.

version 2.1 August 7, 2002
–added an “active as boolean” property that can be set by the HTMLrenderer.
Useful when the renderer obtains the focus. The renderer and cIconButtons
controls can then act as if they were one control.

NavDialog is a plugin that provide better support for the Navigation
Services available in MacOS. Users of this plugin can select multiple files
or select multiple folders. The plugin recognizes if a package is involved,
and in OSX, under certain conditions when calling “GetFile” you can leave
the NavDialog dialog open, while opening a file you just have chosen (an OSX
feature). Note that in OSX, calling a NavDialog is asynchronous in nature.
The NavUserAction class is mandatory to investigate what happened when the
MavDialog is dismissed.

Version 2.7, August 7, 2002
–fixed a crashing bug when used with REALbasic 4.5 when choosing multiple
files in OSX.
–removed the NavCustomControl class, because it is still underdeveloped.