August 8, 2002

A.E. Wood & Erickson Releases SyncDeK 4.1 For FileMaker

** Next-Generation Database Synchronization Engine Speeds Development of
Distributed Database Systems **

BERKELEY, CA – August 8, 2002 – A.E. Wood & Erickson today announced the
immediate availability of SyncDeK 4.1, the leading tool for enabling
robust, flexible synchronization of a distributed set of FileMaker Pro

“Using SyncDeK 4.1, FileMaker developers can handle not just two-way data
synchronization, but also the business logic for controlling distributed
ownership with conflict resolution and conditional sharing,” said Alan
Wood, CEO of A.E. Wood & Erickson. “In SyncDeK 4.1 we’ve added features and
reduced the costs involved in testing and deploying fully-synchronized
distributed database systems.”

SyncDeK 4.1 is a world-class data replication engine used to build
completely distributed database systems with FileMaker Pro. SyncDeK 4.1 can
be installed in any FileMaker database solution to enable automatic two-way
data synchronization. In addition, SyncDeK 4.1 provides robust field-level
conflict resolution, distributed ownership-based access control,
conditional sharing options, and enhanced security via encryption and
incremental sync updates. SyncDeK’s Version Update Manager allows
developers to automate the process of distributing design changes for the
database structure itself.

Features in SyncDeK 4.1 include:

* Enhanced Conditional Sharing – Ownership-based control ensures
synchronization data is distributed only to intended sharing communities.
SyncDeK 4.1 adds support for per file/per record sharing.

* New Conflict Resolution Options – When different nodes try to sync the
same data, SyncDeK can automate conflict resolution, or require immediate
user interaction, or simply prevent conflict processing. SyncDeK 4.1 adds a
rule-based option and logging for handling sync conflict events.

* Optimized Distributed Ownership – SyncDeK 4.1 allows simplified
configuration for controlling distributed ownership privileges, with a
built-in synchronized user access database.

* FileMaker 6 Support – SyncDeK 4.1 is now compatible with FileMaker 4 or
greater, including the new FileMaker 6.

* Container Field Support – SyncDeK 4.1 adds support for FileMaker
Container fields.

* Support for Mac OS X & Window XP – SyncDeK 4.1 is now compatible with
Windows 95 or greater, including Windows XP. SyncDeK 4.1 is now compatible
with Mac OS 8.5 or greater, including Mac OS X in native mode.

* New Sync Testing Tools – SyncDeK 4.1 includes a “Local Test” feature
which checks all basic synchronization functions (Create, Extract, Ingest,
Process, Delete and Qualification) without requiring a second node.

* Easier Maintenance – SyncDek 4.1 improves error capture, simplifies
network set-up, and expands logging options.

* Enhanced Email Support – SyncDeK 4.1’s built-in Email client now supports
IMAP (in addition to POP3), and eliminates attachment size limits.

SyncDeK(tm) – “Making Virtual Access To Data A Reality” SyncDeK has been
implemented in a wide variety of solutions requiring data synchronization
enhanced by SyncDeK’s powerful controls for conflict resolution,
conditional sharing, and distributed ownership.

Uses for SyncDeK include:

— Secure Collaborative Environments -Creating and controlling virtual
datasharing communities that are completely distributed systems.

— Server Synchronization – Synchronizing web and in-house databases with
each other while allowing local modification in all copies.

— Remote User Access – Enabling Sales Force Automation or any traveling
database solution with accurate and seamless synchronization.

— Multiple Sites -Shedding the shackles of networking or expensive,
insecure and slow point-to-point connections.

About A.E. Wood & Erickson
A.E. Wood & Erickson develops SyncDeK(tm), a world-class data
synchronization engine for FileMaker Pro. The company is a FileMaker
Solutions Alliance (FSA) Partner, and offers professional consulting
including system analysis, requirements definition, web & database design,
unique solutions development, technical support & product documentation.
Since 1988, A.E. Wood & Erickson have helped hundreds of companies ranging
from small business to major government and corporate organizations get
results with FileMaker.

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