FontAgent Adds Font Format Support and Boosts Performance

New, Faster Version Works with OpenType and Windows TrueType Fonts

August 6, 2002 [Carlsbad, CA] Insider Software announced the addition of a
bevy of new features to its powerful Cocoa-based font management utility
today. The new release rounds out FontAgent?s support for all major
font-file formats and improves overall application performance by 20

New Support for OpenType and Windows TrueType Fonts

Adding to its existing support for PostScript Type 1, Macintosh TrueType
fonts, and OS X dfonts, FontAgent now supports OpenType and Windows
TrueType fonts, completing support for all the font formats supported by
Mac OS X. The new release allows users with the same fonts, in multiple
formats, to specify a default activation order. For example, when opening a
specific font, a user can choose to look for its OpenType format first,
then its Type 1 format, and finally its TrueType format.

Significant Performance Gains

The new release of FontAgent has been optimized and runs 20% faster
overall, with performance gains throughout the product. For example,
importing additional fonts into an existing library is up to 90% faster,
making the first step of font management an order of magnitude faster.

Comprehensive Mac OS X Font Management

?The latest release of FontAgent supports the full gamut of font formats,?
commented Rio Sabadicci, President of Insider Software. ?The new font
support, combined with Font Agent?s native Cocoa code, makes FontAgent a
comprehensive and unrivaled choice for managing fonts on Mac OS X systems.?

FontAgent Offers Industry Leading Font Management Features

FontAgent is a comprehensive font manager for Macintosh computers running
Mac OS X. With a few clicks, it repairs or eliminates corrupt fonts,
partial and unmatched fonts, duplicate fonts, unnecessary point sizes, and
builds optimized, organized font libraries. It enables users to build font
libraries and font sets, activate and deactivate fonts, preview fonts in
various typefaces, and save system resources and precious time by opening
only the fonts required for their current projects.

FontAgent introduces a number of unique features never seen before in font
management, including the ability to:

* Define multiple font libraries that can be opened simultaneously
* Define font sets that traverse multiple font libraries
* Activate and deactivate sets of fonts simultaneously from multiple libraries
* Rename font files with meaningful file names for easy management
* Verify fonts on-the-fly as they are activated
* Reorganize scattered fonts into useful libraries that maintain original
font-file formats
* Preview any text string in any size in any typeface and in any color

The new features in FontAgent surpass the capabilities of FontReserve and
Suitcase while combining seamlessly with FontAgent?s award-winning font
repair and organization features.

Pricing and Availability

The Macintosh version of Insider FontAgent (version 10.1.5) has a suggested
retail price of $99.95, and is available for immediate download from
Insider?s website at for $89.95 US for a single
license. Current FontAgent customers can upgrade to the new version for
$49.95 US. Users can also download a demo version of FontAgent from the
Insider website.

High Ratings from Industry Reviewers

FontAgent has been honored with the prestigious MacUser Editor?s Choice
award as well as a perfect score by MacReview, which wrote, ?FontAgent
offers a complete solution for the chore of organizing your fonts, and
contains a variety of unique features unequaled in any other font utility.”
MacAddict called FontAgent ?Spiffy? and MacWorld awarded FontAgent 4 1/2

About Insider Software

Insider Software, founded in 1993 and based in Carlsbad, California,
creates web and system management software that makes computers run better.
In addition to Insider FontAgent, Insider also produces Insider
SpaceAgent,? which optimizes web pages so they download and render 30%
faster; and Insider UpdateAgent,? which updates all the software on a
Macintosh in two clicks.