Macworld Expo, New York, NY – July 18, 2002 – Macintosh speech recognition
authority MacSpeech today announced a version of iListen that works on both
Mac OS X and Mac OS 9, as well as a new dictation-only product for Mac OS X
called iDictate. Both products include MacSpeech’s exclusive TalkAnywhere=81
technology that allows the user to dictate into virtually any Mac

iListen 1.3 has all the features of previous versions, plus improved
accuracy and works on both Mac OS X and Mac OS 9 without requiring the user
to create two profiles – or purchase two different products (another
MacSpeech exclusive!).

iDictate 1.0 is an entry-level program for people who prefer a
dictation-only solution. With iDictate, the user can still dictate into
virtually any application, but will not have voice commands or Learn My
Writing Style, and must perform corrections manually. iDictate will sell
for $69 and will be initially available exclusively from the MacSpeech web
site. All registered users for iDictate will be able to upgrade to iListen
at a discount, and profiles created in iDictate will transfer automatically
to iListen.

“iListen remains the premiere solution for anyone who wants fast dictation
& correction in any application as well as full control of their Mac,” said
MacSpeech Chief Evangelist Chuck Rogers. “Best of all, iListen will help
provide a smooth transition for those who prefer to go back and forth
between Mac OS 9 and X since it will work on both platforms without having
to create separate profiles.”

Regarding iDictate, Rogers said “ever since we introduced iListen, we have
had requests for a dictation only program. We first announced iDictate in
January, but then decided to put both products on a parallel development
path for Mac OS X.”

Both iDictate and iListen will be available as soon as final testing is

MacSpeech can be found at Macworld Expo in booth 2023E. The current version
of iListen is available for sale at the expo from DevDepot — the Official
store of Macworld Expo.