Apple today will announce that a new .Mac membership service will replace iTools, the company’s free Web, FTP and email service. Slashdot notes an FAQ page (presently down) on Apple’s site that details what changes are coming. In a nutshell, the new “membership includes brand new features, like Backup and Virex anti-virus software, and improved versions of the iTools services, like additional email and iDisk storage. The fee is US$99.95 per year, and as a thank you for being loyal customers, existing iTools members can reserve a first year special offer of $49.95. iTools members will have until September 30 to join .Mac. After this time, original iTools accounts will be deactivated.” Further details are available on the page noted above, and will no doubt be presented during Steve Jobs’ keynote address (QuickTime stream) at Macworld Expo New York in a little over an hour.